Gate Access Information and Private Gate Rules

Please be sure your gate information is up to date. Guests can only contact you from the front gate if your name and correct telephone # are entered in the gate computer. (Phone # does not appear on gate box screen, only your name). If you have not furnished this information on a HOA gate form this information may be missing or incorrect in the computer.

Homeowners have the option of opening the gate for their guests, by simply using their phone keypad and pressing the number '9'. Visitors must call directly from the gate box, for this to take effect.

If you purchased your home and inherited the gate boxes and/or PIN #’s from the previous owner make sure you have notified the HOA of the box #’s in your name and PIN # you want to use. We remove the old homeowner’s information when they leave.

If you need new boxes or a new PIN # or need your phone number in the system please notify if link does not work, copy and paste to your browser to access your email.   If the gate is not working correctly please contact the Trowbridge company at 813-264-1119.  We can manually open the gates to let you in if there is a power failure or the gates malfunction. Keep in mind that if there is power failure at one gate the other one is on a different circuit and it may work. Although at the southern gate you need a gate box to get in. Good reason to own a gate box.




The Board is empowered to adopt reasonable rules and regulations controlling the use of Common Areas to promote the health, safety, and common interests of all owners. In order to promote such safety and common interests of all owners, the following rules are therefore, adopted this date by the Board regarding the operation of private gates within the gated subdivision: 1. Given that uncontrolled, general pedestrian access to the gated community and its Common Areas can be gained by open and unattended private gates near the entrance of the subdivision, all private gates must remained closed and secured when not in active use for egress or ingress. 2. Repairs to inoperable private gates must be commenced by the affected owner within 24 hours of breakdown in order to reestablish a secure perimeter for the subdivision. Owners must immediately notify the Association Manager in the event repairs cannot be commenced within 24 hours.